Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Vote Mercaz 2020!

VoteMERCAZ! Champions of Progress and Pluralism

It's time to cast your ballot in the World Zionist Congress Elections:
Every 5 years American Jews have the opportunity to vote in the World Zionist Congress and have influence in a way that American Jews rarely have in Israel.  While this may seem like a small arcane election - in fact - critical decisions, influential positions, reputational influence, and funding for Movement are all at stake in this coming election.

Vote MERCAZ (Slate 6)
  • For Pluralism
  • For Democratic Values
  • For Equality
  • For Funding of Conservative/Masorti Programs

This is the ONLY election where American Jews can formally voice their concerns and views. Let's make sure our vision of Israel as a thriving, pluralistic homeland for all Jews is secure.

orhttps://azm.org/elections and choose MERCAZ, Slate 6.

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