Thursday, September 17, 2015

Team Malachim Kick-Off, September 18th!

Those who heard my proposal to create "Team Malachim" a mission to encourage NSJC members and really anyone else, to do extra good deeds on the 18th of every (secular) month this (Jewish) year starts this Friday the 18th of September.  

Please consider being a "malach" "angel" and doing some mitzvah, some kind or good act, above and beyond what you'd normally do, on this day and every 18th this year.

And please feel free to share with me the results or any other questions, comments, ideas you might have.

Thanks so much,

Rabbi Aaron Benson


  1. The Persky Family is all in! Morgan has her mitzvah lined up for Sunday. She is volunteering 3.5 hours at the Apple Festival. The rest of us will report back after tomorrow's good deeds! Thank you for creating this fabulous idea!

    1. Wonderful! I'm so happy people are responding to this!

  2. The Russell-Mantione family is IN -- and thank you for this awesome idea.
    I am doing some pro-bono work for the Little Flower UFSD in Wading River, affiliated with the Residential Treatment Facility of the same name, and tomorrow, the 18th I will be presenting phase 1 of my proposed campaign.
    I will get with Matthew and make sure he does a kind act at the Conservatory of Music -- considering of course, that his middle Hebrew name is Malachai...!

  3. Amy - that's great. And glad "Malachai" will be in on it too.