Friday, August 15, 2014

5 Lessons About Israel - Tonight at Services, 8pm

As part of our Lech Lecha service, I will speak about 5 Lessons About Israel - addressed to our graduating high school seniors and all of us.

Here are the Lessons.  I hope you'll come and hear the talk:

1.  Israel Teaches You What College Should - How to Think.

2.  Learn the Facts, but for Yourself.  You're Unlikely to Convert Anyone and Screaming is only so Cathartic.

3.  Know the Difference Between Criticizing Israel, Anti-Israel and Antisemitism.

4.  Peoplehood, Religion, and Identity are Mysterious, So Visit Israel and See What Happens.

5.  Be a Jew for Yourself, But Know It Means We're Always All Connected.

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