Friday, March 14, 2014

Two Purim Practices To Do

Fulfill Two Special Purim Mitzvot (Services at NSJC on Saturday, 8pm)!

1.  Matanot L'evyonim / Gifts to the Poor & 50/50:
It is a mitzvah of Purim to give money to help the poor.  Donate a dollar to help the Rebbe's Tisch.  And since Purim is the Festival of Casting Lots, put your name or initials on it and we'll draw a "winner" during the Megillah reading on Saturday night following Chapter Nine.  

2.   Machatzit Ha-Shekel / Half-Shekel Donation:  The Torah called on Jews to make a donation of half a shekel to support the Temple one month prior to Passover. This commandment is mentioned three times in the Torah and so today we fulfill it by donating $1.50 (half a dollar x 3 mentions) per family member to the synagogue.  You can "rent" 3 half dollars on Purim night and trade them for your contribution and then "return" the half dollars for the next person to use.  

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