Friday, January 3, 2014

Parshat Bo and Snow

Sorry to make a bad rhyme in the title.  Since the snowfall here in Suffolk County caused us to cancel morning minyan today and also led me to reschedule the "Who Wants to be a Minyannaire?" program for tonight to next Friday (the topic remains, "Objects in the Synagogue") I thought I would try to pull all that together into a little message:

We are told at the end of this portion about wearing tefillin.  In 13:9 we are told to wear them "as a sign".  Rabbi Akiva asks about this - "if so, why not wear them on Shabbat and holidays?"  The answer is that Shabbat and holidays are signs in themselves.

So those of you missing the program tonight - you learned something here about tefillin - that we only wear them during the week.  Those of you missed minyan this morning (and thus couldn't wear your tefilling here, though I hope you did at home!), you can come tomorrow and enjoy the "sign" of Shabbat.  And those you looking to learn something in the blog about the weekly parshah - well, you're set, too.

Be safe and Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Benson

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