Thursday, November 8, 2012

Veterans Day

In the Haftarah this week, we read about the end of the life of King David, the various troubles he encountered, the plans he tried to make for the future, and the help he was offered by those who truly cared that his legacy endure. Now what is it that King David was most known for? What did he do? Well, he did do a lot, but primarily his reputation was as a man of warfare. He secured Israel's borders, and while his violent pursuits meant he was not suitable to build God's Temple, if it hadn't done what he did, there would have been no security for his son, King Solomon, to build the Temple. We should take note of the story in this Haftarah, as this weekend is also Veterans Day. We owe, to our servicemen and women, the same support and help that was given to King David. Just like him, our veterans have given in order that we should be able to enjoy our peace and security. Let us remember our veterans, and offer our thanks to them for all they have done. Shabbat Shalom, Rabbi Benson

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